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The Supica Serial Number One Gun Collection will be sold through Rock Island Auction Company over the next year. 

While most pieces in the collection are believed to be the first production gun of that particular model, it also includes prototypes, the first gun of limited series, guns that are the first of their model but began with a number other than "one", and vanity serial numbered arms. 


No serial number one guns in the upcoming RIA May 2023 Premiere auction.

However, please check back!

Over 75 more SERIAL NUMBER ONE GUNS from the Supica collection will be sold by RIA during 2023!

Including the following in the June 2023 RIA auction:

  • S&W copy - Belgian copy of Russian Model serial number 1. 

  • Colt - New Service.  S/N 347275, butt mkd. E.C.P.D. No.1

  • S&W - Mod. 3914.  S/N TDF-0001

  • F.I.E.-Tanfoglio - TZ75.  S/N M00001

  • Excam (Tanfoglio) - GT22.  S/N E00001

  • F.I.E.-Tanfoglio - Super Titan.  S/N MB00001

  • Excam (Tanfoglio) - GT380XE.  S/N P000001

  • F.I.E.-Tanfoglio - E22.  S/N AB00001

  • Erma Excam - Rx22.  S/N J-00001

  • Marlin - Mod. 100SB.  S/N 1

  • Holmes Firearms Co. - EXP. .  S/N JJH001

  • CBC / FIE - GR-8.  S/N GR-10001

  • Mauser - custom rifle.  S/N F00001

 A few of the Supica Collection Serial Number One Guns sold by RIA in December 2022:

Sharps sn 1.jpg
Schofield sn1.jpg
Charter sn1.jpg
SN1 M1A.jpg
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