PHOTOS of guns a few of the guns currently consigned to Rock Island Auction or previously sold through Supica Consulting LLC & are posted below.  Most are from the Bailey  Brower, Jr., collection, and most photos are by Stoney Roberts.  For inquiries contact

BB Svg book w pistols.jpg
BB Gold Bufalo Astra Liliput.jpg
BB Colt Bankers Specials.jpg
BB Savage 99 Deluxe.jpg
BB Early Pocket Autos.jpg
0 Henry & Win 86.jpg
BB Colt & Savage.jpg
BB Martz 45 Lugers.jpg
BB Mateba.jpg
BB Curiosa - Squeezers & Cane gun.jpg
BB Rimfire Rifles.jpg
000 knife & knucks revolvers.jpg
000 SS Stevens BB SR lt (2).jpg