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GUNS FOR SALE, listed (generally) in order of our item number:

  • B001 through B020 - Savage handgun rarities - prototypes, .25s, US Trials .45s

  • B021 through B352 - Savage .32 & .380 pistols - Models 1907, 1915, and 1917.  Includes engraved, rarities, pearl & tuxedo grips, historic, prototypes, police, foreign military, and more.

  • B353 through B397 - Savage long guns - 99's, 1895s, .22s etc.

  • B397 through B591 - Other handguns, usually alphabetical by maker including AH Tompkins, AJ Ordnance, Astra, Batavia, Chicago Firearms, Clement, COLT, COP, FN, Glisenti, H&R, Iver Johnson, Kimball, Liliput,  Pfanl, Phoenix, REMINGTON, SMITH & WESSON, Salvaje, Walther, Winchester.

  • Sold guns eventually moved to the end of the list.

Most are from the Bailey Brower Jr. collection, many pictured in his book "Savage Pistols."

TO ORDER:  Order via email to SupicaLLC@outlook.com by item number.  Sales made only on the Terms listed at the Sales Terms tab above.

NEW LISTINGS COMPLETED The 90 guns added at the Spring equinox in roughly the order indicated above are listed first, followed by the previously listed guns in the same order (I know, way too complicated.)  In a week or two I'll try to reorganize the order.  Keep scrolling down, there's LOTS of great stuff that may load a little slow.  You're at the bottom of the listings when you see a couple rows of guns marked SOLD.  Thanks!

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