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GUNS FOR SALE, listed (generally) in order of our item number:

  • B001 through B020 - Savage handgun rarities - prototypes, .25s, US Trials .45s

  • B021 through B352 - Savage .32 & .380 pistols - Models 1907, 1915, and 1917.  Includes engraved, rarities, pearl & tuxedo grips, historic, prototypes, police, foreign military, and more.

  • B353 through B397 - Savage long guns - 99's, 1895s, .22s etc.

  • B397 through B591 - Other handguns, usually alphabetical by maker including AH Tompkins, AJ Ordnance, Astra, Batavia, Chicago Firearms, Clement, COLT, COP, FN, Glisenti, H&R, Iver Johnson, Kimball, Liliput,  Pfanl, Phoenix, REMINGTON, SMITH & WESSON, Salvaje, Walther, Winchester.

  • Sold guns eventually moved to the end of the list.

Most are from the Bailey Brower Jr. collection, many pictured in his book "Savage Pistols."

TO ORDER:  Order via email to SupicaLLC@outlook.com by item number.  Sales made only on the Terms listed at the Sales Terms tab above.

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