Three consecutive serial number pistols - 218471, -72, & -73 - with police purchase attribution.  Two boxes included.  
Roe Clark letter states in a letter for s/n 218472 " "with consecutive number 218473 and at least 10 others… shipped 11/21/1919 to Simmons Hardware."  
Bailey Brower note card states that -72 & -73 "were suppose(d) to have (been) acquired by the Sioux City Iowa Police Department in anticipation of a riot, were never used and were in the police vault for 65 +/- years," at which time they were traded to a dealer.  The original note card refers only to -72 & -73, and it's unclear whether -71 was bought with these or at a different time, and whether it was part of the police purchase along with the other two.
Two still have the boxes with a model brochure in each.  Note that numbers hand written on the box labels - 218472, 21744, and other numbers crossed out.  Presumably these may have been the numbers of other guns in the police group, and the boxes got mixed over the years.   Brower collection.

CONDITION:  All three pistols are in excellent to as new condition with 98-100% original finish.  The boxes are in good condition for their age; one is missing a front flap to the lid.

ITEM# B213, 214 & 215      
S/N 218471, 218472, 218473      CAL .32 ACP  

B213,214,215 Three consecutive police attributed Savage Model 1907s w/ 2 boxes.