Marked "S. O. N..J. 11."  Reported as purchased by Standard Oil for their private security force.  Scarce heavy hammer spur, not marked 9mm.  With scarce green label box in good condition. Brower collection.  Model 1907-13-4.

CONDITION:  About excellent.  About 97% blue, but has been polished a bit over backstrap marking.  See photos.

ITEM# B286     S/N 9030B     CAL .380 ACP  

CONSECUTIVE PAIR OPTION:  Order the above gun individually, or with consecutive s/n 9029B, also a .380 in excellent condition, but not Standard Oil marked, for $1,000 extra.


$1500 is price for Standard Oil gun only.  Consec. pair is $2500

B285&6 Standard Oil Co. Savage Model 1907 in box, w/ optional consec. pistol