Probably one-of-a-kind Savage salesroom sample rifle & pistol gift set.  Includes Model 1907-10-2 pistol, Model 99 takedown .303 rifle, custom Marble hunting knife with embossed Savage logo on sheath and blade, open top leather holster embossed with Savage logo, inset compass with Savage imprinting under glass.  Wood case has cartridge holder inset; Savage logo inside case on lining; special description of rifle, cartridge, and pistol glued to interior top lid; metal bale handle; Savage silkscreened logo on wood exterior.  This set is  pictured in book on page 243 of "Savage Pistols" by Bailey Brower.
Roe Clack letters show the pistol shipped 12/28/1910 to Mashall-Wells, Duluth and the rifle 4/48/1915 to Shapleigh.
Includes a letter from Bailey Brower noting this as  "one of the most amazing Savage collectibles ever encountered,"  purchased directly from Savage.

CONDITION:  Rifle is excellent with 98%+ blue.  Pistol metal is crisp, with maybe half thin dull blue blended with gray patina.  Knife, sheath and holster are as new.  Compass shows its age.  Wood case is in very good condition with flakes and dings showing storage bumps. Overall, appearance and condition is consistent with a factory-prepared prototype marketing package.

ITEM #B364 & B069   S/N 30959 & 166601   CAL.32 ACP & .303.

B364&069 Savage prototype 1915 Safari Ltd Edition cased rifle/pistol/knife set.