Smith & Wesson .44 Hand Ejector Fourth Model of 1950, Target.  6 ½” barrel; bright blue.  As new in the correct maroon box numbered to the gun.  Box contains tools, papers, nox rust paper.  Ramp red post front sight, standard trigger and hammer. Roy Jinks factory letters shows shipped 7/30/1954 to Rex Firearms in New York City in this configuration with and "Gonzales" (sic) target stocks.  A very knowledgeable collector tells me that the wide maroon box is quite rare.

CONDITION:  About as new in box.  Gun is near perfect with a very light to absent cylinder ring.  Box itself is 98%, with s/n and configuration marked on the bottom.

ITEM#: C010    S/N: S107082    CAL: .44 Special

S&W Pre-24 Model 1950 Target, .44 HE Fourth model in box