Custom made by master gunsmith John Martz (dec.), this may be the only pair that he made for the same customer out of the 83 that he made during his lifetime. Made by cutting a Luger pistol in half and enlarging the frame and other parts, this pair has special custom features including the "MSTR" Martz Safety Toggle Release, two-position 100/200 meter sliding rear sights, and beautiful tiger-stripe grips in the early Luger pattern with the smooth border around the checkering.  "JVM" in oval on toggles and on the wooden magazine bottoms, with ".45 ACP JVM" marked on bottom of barrel.  Custom cased in a deluxe french-fitted leather case by Marvin Huey.  Notebook accompanying the guns includes articles, correspondence with Martz, and more including a letter noting that these were both sold to the same customer.

CONDITION:  Both guns are in about perfect condtion with no indication that they've been fired, carried, or handled.  Case is in excellent plus condition.

ITEM# BB491-2    S/N's 8890 & 8508     CAL. .45 ACP


Remarkable cased pair of Martz Custom .45 ACP Lugers