Very rare Military Model 1907 .45 ACP pistol made for the famous US pistol trials that adopted the 1911, total quantity made estimated at fewer than 300, with most of those issued to the U.S. cavalry for testing in field service. Marked ".45" only indicating that this gun was repurchased by Savage from the government and refurbished for sale to the public. In the final test in 1911, this model of Savage was the runner-up to the Colt 1911 that was ultimately adopted. This exact gun is pictured on pages 24 and 28 of the book "Savage Pistols" by Bailey Brower, Jr. 

CONDITION: Good condition.  Gray metal with scattered areas of light pitting and traces of blue.  CAL. 45 marking is strong.  Sound checkered wood grips with small areas of wear on left panel.   A hard to find historic military pistol in honest condition.

ITEM#: BB019    S/N: 208    CAL: .45 ACP

B019 Rare Savage Military Model 1907 .45 Pistol