Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum, 6 ½" barrel nickel/blue tu-tone.  Blued red ramp front sight, target hammer, standard trigger, prepped for engraving,  extremely rare smooth MAPLE target coke bottle smooth grips.    Lots of documentation, factory correspondence with this one, including correspondence between the original owner, Frank Haymond, and S&W and Rex.  The second page of a Roy Jinks factory letter shows this gun shipped 6/8/1953 to Rex Firearms Co. in New York City with "blue-nickel finish ... target hammer, Baughman's front sight with crimson insert birdseye and had maple stocks."  A later Jinks letter on this gun discusses the background of two-tone guns, why it is believed to be "prepared for engraving," and the relationship between S&W and Rex.  Taken as a whole, the documentation suggests that these early two-tones had special care including even finer than usual polish and fitting in their factory prepartion.

CONDITION: Excellent plus; 99% original bright nickel & blue. Excellent grips with slight wear to finish.  Good dark case colors on hammer & trigger. 

ITEM#: C005    S/N: S97603    CAL: .357 Magnum

Rare "Pinto" S&W Pre-model 27