Canadian marked C with broad arrow (1 of 500 made); Roe Clark letter
shows shipped 8/6/1914 to A.M. Bell. (Note - same date & destination as item B121 Canadian).  Brower collection.  Model 1907-13-2.

CONDITION:  Very good.  90% blue

ITEM# B126     S/N 106662     CAL .32 ACP 


OPTION:  For $600 more, add consecutive 1907 with consecutive s/n 106661, in very good condition with 80% blue, not Canadian marked, with box & brochure 

ITEM #B125&126.    
$1,950 for the pair.   Canadian B126 alone is $1,350.

B125 Rare Canadian purchase Savage Model 1907 pistol. OPTION: consecutive pair.