Unusual design held in the palm of the hand with the barrel protruding between the fingers and fired by clenching the fist to squeeze the lever on the rear of the gun.  Internal rotary magazine with the chambers pointing out like the spokes of a wheel.  As an aside, most folks who handle this gun initially hold it upside down - the end of the firing lever should be pointing up, and the small safety lever on the front should be above the barrel.  Extremely rare Ames Company factory box with instructions on lid & cartridge extractor; box of very rare .32 extra short rimfire Winchester ammunition; very rare blue finish; antique.

CONDITION:  Gun is in excellent antique condition retaining most of dulling original blue finish.  Box is in good condition.

ITEM#:  BB418    S/N: 5190    CAL: .32 Extra-short rimfire

sold B418 Rare blue Chicago Firearms Co. Protector Palm Pistol in box with ammo.