Attributed to prominent silent film star Ralph Forbes. It is pictured as "Ralph Forbes Pistol" with information on Forbes in the book "Savage Pistols" by Bailey Brower on pages 163-164. No further documentation of this attribution is available.  The gun is inscribed "RALPH" on the left side of the frame, and is in what is described as a "factory built wood case" with a box of Savage ammo and a cleaning rod.  

A Roe Clark letter lists this gun as shipped 7/24/1913 to Ralph C. Garrity.  In 1930 after service job #1174, it was then shipped to Shapleigh Hardware Co. on 3/31/1930, nature of work unknown. He goes on to note "I've never seen a case, nor any mention of any in the records.  It appears to be really great."  It's interesting to note that the gun was originally shipped to another "Ralph" in 1918, when Forbes was still a teenager in England.  Model 1907-13-2.

CONDITION:  Excellent, 98% blue

ITEM# B106      S/N 92629     CAL .32 ACP  

sold B106 "Ralph" inscribed Savage 1907 pistol - Silent film star attributed.