This is the only known example of an extraordinarily rare gun about which very little is known and which is possibly first semi-auto .22 rimfire pistol ever made.  The design shares characteristics of early Savage pump .22 rifles. It is loaded like a pump action, with semi-automatic operation, fed from a box magazine.  Probably made around 1917.  Marked "Batavia Automatic Rifle" on left and "Model No 1" on right.  Batavia semi-auto rifles are scarce, but it's unclear whether this is a one-of tool room prototype or an example of extremely limited production. There is an article on the Batavia pistol in the 5th Edition of Gun Collector Digest, and it's possible that this pistol is the same one that was pictured there - the wear patterns look similar, but the article photos aren't clear enough to be certain.  A fascinating gun, and possibly a significant milestone in handgun design history.  Brower collection.

CONDITION:  Good condition with maybe about half of the finish remaining, mostly turning to gray patina.  Missing tension screw from front of grip; non-original magazine.

ITEM#:  BB412    S/N: none    CAL: .22 Short

B412 Prototype Batavia Model No. 1 semi-auto pistol