This exceptional cased pair of engraved Savage 1907 pistols includes one gold plated and one bright blue.  Both are factory "C" engraved (highest grade - "Special") by Enoch Tue.  They are Model 1907-10-2s and both have pearl grips.  Roe Clark letters show that both were shipped engraved to Col. Philip J. Noel in April 1911 with Special engraving recorded.  Noel was a very special customer of Savage, a noted hunter, collector and inventor, purchasing the finest Savages ever made on special order.  His collection was called "perhaps the valuable and extensive collection of firearms in the country" in a 1915 article in "The Sporting Goods Dealer." 

The only other cased pair of identical gold & blue engraved 1907s was donated to the NRA Museum.  They are a centerpiece of the Savage Pistol display at the NRA National Sporting Arms Museum.  These were also shipped to Noel at the same time as the two guns featured here.  These four guns are featured in the book "Savage Pistols" by Bailey Brower on pages 157 through 161, headlining the chapter on "Exceptional Savage Pistols,"  where they are described as "the ultimate collectibles in the Savage pistol line." When acquired from Noel's estate, the guns were found cased as two pairs, each with one gold and one blue pistol.  The leather bound case built by Savage and French-fitted to these guns has concealed hinges and a push-button latching device.  
The guns are accompanied by a notebook with over 100 individual pages of various documents, both original and photocopies. They include original correspondence between Noel & Savage in the 1910s and between Noel and his patent attorneys in the 1930s, along with documents from Noel's estate, biographical information, writings by and about Noel, and much more.CONDITION: Both guns are in excellent plus condition with 99%+ original finish. The blue gun has outstanding strong case colors on the trigger and magazine release. With two spare magazines - one blue and one gold - and the original double casing, all in excellent condition.ITEM #B074 S/N 35267 & 35272 CAL.32 ACP

B074 Probably the finest pair of engraved Savage pistols extant.