Developed by Savage employees M.F. Smith and Charles Nelson about 1916, this is the only known factory prototype of this model that never went into production.  Only slightly smaller than the Savage .45 ACP pistol, but of a very different design.  Pistol remains in the unfinished white as it left the factory.  Black plate grips do not fit well.  Pictured on page 144 of the book "Savage Pistols" by Bailey Brower, Jr., and discussed on page 143.  Also pictured in Savage books by Carr (pp. 120-21) and Stern (pp. 126-27, 129, 131).

CONDITION:  About perfect condition; never finished prototype

ITEM#:  B016    S/N: P-1    CAL: .38 ACP 

B016 Only known Savage prototype Nelson-Smith .38 ACP pistol