Enoch Tue engraved with Leader grade coverage; well figured walnut; fine custom checkering (aprox 32 lpi) including stock side panels; oil finish.  
Callahan letter shows shipped from and returned to factory in 1912.  A memo on this gun is noted in factory records, but no longer exists.  Sold to John Rebold 11/1/1913.  "Although the record letters do not mention engraving, .. the patterns on this rifle .. fit .. Grade B engraving.  This work could easily pertain to the referenced memo above. ... It is my conjecture that this rifle was built as some sort of sample or Savage may have agreed to furnish it as a special order item."
Takedown does not seem to work.  26" barrel.  

CONDITION: Excellent plus.  99% blue.  

ITEM #B373   S/N 115101   CAL.30-30 (possibly rechambered)

B373 Leader engraved Savage Model 1899 rifle