BV proof marks on slide and barrel; French contract.  Roe Clark letter shows shipped 8/14/1916 to l'Administration de l'Arsenal de l'Armee.  "believe that this pistol was brought into England, perhaps at the time of WWII, or possibly before, and... subjected to English proofs."
CR Suydam letter notes:  "Not British Made" indicates the gun was imported into Britain, probably for retail sale."  Brower collection.  Model 1907-13-3.

CONDITION:  Fair.  Mottled gray with scattered pitting; traces of blue.  Right grip panel slides off.  Holes for lanyard ring in frame, but lanyard ring is missing.

ITEM# B165     S/N 161018     CAL .32 ACP 

165 French/British Savage Model 1907 pistol