Extremely rare gold plating; burr hammer; not marked 9mm. Formerly in Bob Fiesler & Merkner collections. 
Callahan letter shows shipped 2/15/16 to H&D Folsom, NY and notes "Completed with a nickel finish."  A Roe Clark letter has the same information. 
Bailey Brower believes the gold plating to be factory original and notes "nickel plating is the 'base' coat for gold plating.  The gun has obviously never been refinished ... I must presume the records were not accurate in total description."  This gun was part of Bailey's award winning exhibit "The Gold Standard."  Model 1907-13-4.

CONDITION: Very good.  Crisp metal with 80% gold plating with wear areas on top sides of frame. 

ITEM# B274     S/N 7384B     CAL .380 ACP 

B274 Gold plated Savage Model 1907 pistol, .380