This Model 1907-13-1 appears to be the first Savage pistol manufactured in .380 ACP.  Inspection mark R; unusual serial number with letter before digits; pictured on page 46 of "Savage Pistols" by Bailey Brower.
Brower's notes on this this gun indicate it was shipped
 to Hudson 5/23/13.  Inherited from John Browning by his nephew MacLaren Chase Child, then Child's daughter Anne Kelley.  Leatherette case. Harvey auction.
Referenced in Simmons Gun Digest article
Roe Clark letter states  "Your pistol has the lowest number of this caliber, although not the first one shipped."

CONDITION: Good with mottled metal and maybe half thin blue remaining.

ITEM #B248   S/N B2000   CAL.380 ACP

B248 First Savage .380 pistol