From the Brower collection, a prototype from the Savage factory.  This gun is pictured on page 179 of "Savage Pistols" where it is described as follows:  "The gun used an action and shortened barrel from a model 1905 rifle attached to a revolver-style grip."  The text describes experiments by both Winchester and Savage to develop a long barrel single shot .22 pistol design based on their popular rifles, and the identifying characteristics of the few factory prototypes produced.  Only about four of the Savage prototypes are known to exist, in varying configurations.  With signed letter from Brower explaining how this gun was acquired from the factory.

CONDITION:  This gun may have never been blued – very crisp gray metal with areas of very light pitting on the bottom of the triggerguard only.  Wood stock retains finish with a few handling marks.  Serial number is factory rolled on underside of barrel under the wood, and hand stamped with individual numerals again on bottom of barrel so that it shows when the stock is in place.  Working, but with very light trigger pull that sometimes releases on its own.

ITEM#: BB001    S/N: 24516    CAL: .22 LR 

B001 Factory prototype wood grip Savage .22 caliber single-shot pistol