Finely engraved; silver plated receiver; specially selected wood; exquisite checkering; high grade gun; Callahan letter.
26" tapered barrel.  Finely engraved with two mountain lions on left receiver and two deer on right.   Engraving and checkering are crisp.  Highly figured wood.  Bright silver on frame and lever with buttplate showing patina; barrel 99% blue; jeweled bolt.   
This exact gun pictured in Blue Book 25th Edition color condition guide as example of MINT condition rifle, although the serial number listed there as s/n 36390 (the 2nd digit on the gun is a bit faint, but is definitely 8.) Engraving and wood grain match in the BB photo.  Brower describes this as "Exhibition Model ... like new with no wear or handling marks."   He quotes a Callahan letter attributing the engraving to Enoch Tue, as a rifle displayed at the 1903 World's Fair in St. Louis.  Deluxe Circassian walnut.
Purchased by Brower from Rock Island Auction, where it was also listed in RIA catalog with incorrect 36390 serial number, condition described as "LIKE NEW."  Also quotes Callahan letter attributing engraving to Tue.  States "Information provided by the consignor is that this rifle was displayed at the St. Louis World's Fair in 1903."  Photocopy of Callahan letter included.  Pictured on pages 7 and 216 of "Savage Pistols" book.

CONDITION:  BB says Mint.  RIA says Like New.  I say WOW!

ITEM# B372   S/N 38390   CAL.303 Savage

B372 Exceptional engraved silver plated Savage Model 1899 rifle - Blue Book pic