Personal prototype of the inventor and former Colt designer Bob Roy.  Developed for US military trials to replace the 1911 .45 pistol with a 9mm.  This is believed to be the earliest example of the Colt SSP (Stainless Steel Pistol) in existence.  Also included is an unfinished prototype slide.  
Extensive notebook of documentation includes original and photocopy correspondence, photos, notes, and patent document copies.  Also spiral bound Colt Technical Reports No. 850-2086 (Dec. 1970) "Colt's Concepts for a Personal Defense Weapon" and No. 850-2112 (March 1971) "Colt's Model 1971 Defense Pistol"; along with Colt Manual No. CM111 "XM9 Semi Automatic Pistol Operator and Maintenance Manual."  Letter signed by John R. Hansen and ex-Colt Engineer Richard L. Fraser explains the history of this gun.  Bailey Brower letter tells about its acquisition.  Dick Fraser letter discusses development of the Colt SSP Pistol.
Pistol is unmarked except for "3" on the bottom of the slide.

CONDITION:  Excellent plus.

ITEM #B459   S/N 3   CAL. 9mm

sold B459 Colt US Military SSP Model prototype 9mm pistol