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Supica Consulting LLC (“SCLLC”) Terms & Conditions

Sales:  Buyer pays shipping and insurance. Guns are sold as collectibles only and are not warranted for shooting.  Any older gun should be checked out by a professional gunsmith before attempting to shoot it.  Sales are made only in compliance with all applicable laws. By ordering, buyer represents that s/he is legally eligible to purchase and own a firearm and that the purchase is legal in his/her area & not restricted by law.  Modern guns manufactured after 1898 must be shipped to an FFL licensee.  Guns which are over 50 years old or otherwise qualify as Curios & Relics may be shipped to a C&R licensed collector.  Shipped sales that have not been previously inspected by buyer are subject to a 3 day inspection period.  If not satisfied, buyer may return the purchase unfired and in the same condition with no parts replaced for a refund of the purchase price.  Shipping and handling charges are non-refundable.  Buyer pays shipping and insurance on returned items.


Appraisal:  Supica Consulting LLC appraisals are conducted by Jim Supica, Owner, AGI Certified Firearms Appraiser, CV available on request.  Appraised value represents the estimated fair market value at which the gun(s) would change hands between a willing buyer and a willing seller, neither being under any compulsion to buy or sell and both having reasonable knowledge of relevant facts.  Condition evaluation is based on widely accepted NRA Condition definitions and/or percent of original finish.  Appraisal resources may include Blue Book of Gun Values, Standard Catalog of Firearms, comparable sales, and appraiser’s experience including: 30 years of buying, selling, auctioning, and appraising antique and collectible firearms at gun shows, auctions, and on the internet;  12 years overseeing the valuation of the NRA’s 10,000 gun collection as Director of the NRA Museums Division; previous value research as Editor of Standard Catalog of Firearms; 6 years of televised firearms evaluation as co-host of “NRA Guns & Gold” and “NRA Gun Gurus” on Outdoor Channel and Sportsman Channel, and decades as a contributing editor or acknowledged consultant to Blue Book, Flayderman’s Guide, Standard Catalog and other firearms price guides.


Consignment:  Consignor will pay SCLLC a percentage commission specified on the consignment form, based on the sales price(s) of the consigned item(s) (“property”), which will be deducted from payout.  Shipping and handling fees for consignment sales will be retained by SCLLC.  SCLLC will send payout to Consignor within one month of sale.  SCLLC may, at its sole discretion, cancel a consignment and return the property to Consignor in which case Consignor will be responsible for shipping costs and legal transfer of property; and if Consignor is unable or unwilling to do so, after 30 days’ notice to consignor SCLLC may sell the property at a no-reserve live or online auction deducting shipping, expenses and commission from payout. Consignor warrants that s/he has the right to consign the property and that the property is now, and will be kept, free of all liens, encumbrances and claims.  Consignor represents that s/he has notified SCLLC of all known defects, restoration, or refinishing of property.  Any property which is found to be stolen or which is found to be or becomes illegal will be turned over to appropriate authorities or destroyed with no compensation to Consignor.  Unless otherwise agreed in writing, Consignor is responsible for insuring the property during the period of consignment if s/he so desires.  Consigned property will be given the same reasonable care and storage as SCLLC inventory.  SCLLC will not be responsible for loss, theft, or damage to the property unless due to SCLLC’s gross negligence or malfeasance.