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LAST CHANCE TO BUY BEFORE AUCTION!   No website sales after July 31.

The remaining guns from the Bailey Brower collection will be consigned to sell at auction through Rock Island Auction over the next year or so. 

If you want to buy before they go to auction, please do the following on or before  Sunday July 31:

1. Email SupicaLLC@outlook.com with the item number and say "I'll take it."

2. Send payment by check or money order to Supica Consulting LLC, PO Box 82, Olathe KS 66051 so it is received by Friday August 5.

3.  Include $30 estimated shipping and insurance for purchases under $2000, $50 for purchases of $2000 or over.

4.  Sorry, no discounts, questions about items, phone calls, or additional photos.  

5.  All items are subject to prior sale.  If the item you request has been sold to an earlier buyer, your payment will be returned.  Notice to you of prior sale may be delayed. SOLD items will not be updated on this website. 

6.  Shipping will be as time is available and may be delayed until August 12 or later.

Basically, I'll be swamped preparing the guns for auction.  I'll do my best to accomodate these "Last Chance" purchases, but it may not be as quick or efficient as either of us would prefer.  I may make mistakes, and apologize in advance.  Thanks for understanding!  


As the guns come up for auction, I'll post information about them here. Please bid!  -- Jim