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We don’t have any products to show here right now. is the website of Supica Consulting LLC.  We do consulting, appraisals, and media on antique and collectible firearms. 

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This website currently features the following gun collections of Jim Supica and Bailey Brower, Jr., which are being sold at auction by Rock Island Auction Co. beginning in Dec. 2022 and continuing through 2023. Check out RIA auctions at  

Click on the collection titles below to go to the page showing the specific guns that will be offered for sale in upcoming RIA auctions: Aug. 9, PREMIERE Aug. 25-27, Oct. 3-5, and PREMIERE Dec. 8-10.​

Supica S&W Model Threes

Exceptional large frame top-break S&W revolvers ca. 1870-1900 including Americans, Russians, Schofields, New Model #3's, and .44 DA's.   Many of these guns have been used as illustrations in Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson  by Supica &  Nahas, and other books.  Several  have been exhibited in national NRA Museums and featured on national television programs

Bailey Brower Jr Savage Arms

Possibly the foremost Savage pistol collection at the time of his passing, including rarities, high condition guns, engraved, and historic examples of the .32ACP and .380ACP pistols that were Colt's primary American competitor in the pocket semi-aucto pistol market of the early 20th century.  Many of these were used as illustrations in Brower's definitive book Savage Pistols.  The collection also includes Savage long guns and other semi-auto pistols.​

Supica Serial Number One guns

These are guns that have a serial number of "1" (or 001, 00001, etc.) or which are known to be the first serial number of a particular model or variation.  Most of these will be the first production gun of that particular type.  Some are prototypes or experimentals, vanity serial numbers, or number one of a commemorative or limited production variation.   Some of these are featured in the "Serial Number One Guns" episode of Outdoor TV's Gun Stories, and have been exhibited at national museums.

Supica Hammerless Revolvers

Hammerless revolvers including Baby Hammerless, velodogs, Iver Johnsons, H&Rs, rarities, oddities, engraved pieces, and much more too weird to easily explain or justify.  Some of these are pictured in the "Pocket Protectors of the Past" article featured in both the 2022 Gun Digest and the 2023 Standard Catalog of Firearms.

About Jim & Bailey:

Jim Supica is the current Editor of Standard Catalog of Firearms and former Director of the NRA Museums Division.  More info at the ABOUT link above.  The Supica Collections being sold through Rock Island Auction are Jim's personal collections acquired over the past 40 years are not Supica Consulting LLC inventory.

Bailey Brower, Jr., passed away in October 2022.  He was the author of Savage Pistols.  His collection was possibly the finest known Savage pistol collection and branched into related models.  He made the decision to sell his remarkable collection in 2020, and all his remaining guns will be sold through Rock Island Auction over the course of a year or so.

Check back for more listings throughout 2023

S&W Model 3s in RIA Aug. Auction


Sample guns from these collections

BB 466-469 prototype 22s.jpg

Serial number one guns

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